Periodontal Therapy

Tooth-Saving Periodontal Therapy
          Scaling & Root Planing

Periodontal, or gum disease is a major contributing factor in adults tooth loss. Statistics show that almost 17 percent of New York residents lose ALL their teeth by the age of 65. Yet, teeth can last for a lifetime.

Non-surgical periodontal therapy (scaling and root planing) is performed to remove or eliminate dental plaque, what the plaque buildup produces and calculus, which will cause inflammation and then periodontal disease.

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Dental plaque - a mixture of bacteria, minerals and food leftovers - chafe the gums, or gingiva, which inflames the tissue. In less than a couple days, some plaque becomes calculus/tartar. Plaque can be reduced with brushing and flossing, calculus is mostly impervious to basic home preventive treatments. Untreated inflamed gum tissue turns into gingivitis.

This build-up untreated, will also lead to bone loss, which loosens teeth from their anchor. That is the periodontal tissue surrounding the teeth and the bone supporting each tooth. Everything alive in the mouth is aggressive fighting for territory or trying to protect it, bone is alive, tissue and bacteria. No assertive defensive/preventative activity in this area - periodontal therapy - gums swell, hurt, teeth decay, loosen, bone weakens, disappears, the jaw deteriorates and regresses. 

Periodontal Scaling is performed on patients without periodontal disease to remove Plaque and calculus removal with hand instruments can also be. A prophylaxis (or prophy) is the polishing, which can be done after the scaling and root planing are complete. Polishing removes plaque - not calculus so it is done after calculus removal.

  • Scaling removes of plaque, calculus and stain from the crown and root surfaces of teeth.

Root planing - a specialized skill - involves scaling the tooth root and cementum. Softer than enamel, cementum, which should be smooth, is damaged when build-up occurs. This rougher surface on cementum and dentin is produced by inflamed tissue. Smoothing the area means bacteria has a tougher time hanging around and forming calculus.

  • Root planing is called for once deeper pockets have formed in the gums (actually in the bone). 

Our hygienist will use various non-surgical methods to bring health to your gums including ultrasonic therapy and hand instruments like periodontal scalers and curettes.

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