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As a dentist focused on comprehensive oral health, Dr. Scott Smolarek often recommends implant dentistry because of its potential more fully enhance the well being of his patients. Whether implants are needed to support dentures, replace missing teeth or for a complete oral health and smile appearance makeover, he has the training, skills and a caring dental team assembled to achieve your goals.

NOTE: Dr. Smolarek restores and places implants so there is no need to split up your treatment in two locations.

Residents like you from the Elma, Lancaster and Marilla area have been able to live life to the fullest with advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Single or multiple implants or implant-supported dentures are a superb alternative to adhesive dentures, partials or crown & bridge dentistry.

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Missing Teeth Accelerate Oral Health Decline

When many teeth are missing or even one tooth, oral health can begin a very damaging decline. Surrounding teeth wear down faster and break more frequently. Dental disease spreads. Bone structure erodes and shrinks. This change in bone structure also produces an unattractive appearance: the jaw pulls back, prematurely 'aging' the facial profile.

While treatments like traditional dentures and crown bridge dentistry help improve some aspects of this oral decline, dental implants provide comprehensive results. Dr. Smolarek is able to achieve a lifelike, long-term and youthful outcome with this advanced oral health therapy.

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Dental implants are a very appealing alternative in a number of ways including in how much they preserve the natural tooth structure. One reason: adjacent healthy teeth are untouched. Therefore, a bridge is not needed - which would have been attached by placing crowns on what is often 'perfectly' healthy nearby teeth.

Dr. Smolarek's level of dental experience, treatment expertise, and caring style provides his patients with the confidence to proceed. He performs detailed assessments and uses advanced technology to diagnose your needs and plan your dental treatment. He precisely performs the implantation and then places or 'restores the new lifelike root' with a natural looking porcelain crown for a natural looking result.


Two Main Dental Implant Treatment Types

  • Single or Multiple Tooth Implants
  • Implant Supported Dentures (a more affordable option when many teeth are missing with the superior results)

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Implant Dentistry Cost Effectiveness and Affordability

Besides the financing options our office provides and any reimbursements available from your insurance, there are other monetary and lifestyle benefits attained with implants. Compared to adhesive dentures, partials and crown/bridge patients have more bite/jaw strength and the usual frustrations end, which are caused by slipping dentures and regular relining.

As Smolarek Dental Care patients know, the 'cost' of taking the usual route can be 'much higher' when repeat visits, hassles and frustrations are added in. Save money & make a valuable investment in your oral health with dental implants.

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Periodontal Disease: Tooth Loss And Bone Deterioration

Neglecting the periodontal system is all too common. The Smolarek Dental Care team starts with preventative periodontal treatments including assertive periodontal (gum) disease management and rehabilitation strategies. And, when bone deterioration and tooth loss occurs, Dr. Smolarek and his team are ready to employ restorative and reconstructive dentistry, which may consist of dental implants.

We provide area residents with an advanced program for preventing the problems caused by inattention to gum disease, which can have a serious affect on both oral and overall health. By collaborating with our hygiene team, Dr. Smolarek is able to develop comprehensive and effective treatment programs for each patient.

Learn More About Periodontal Disease & Tooth Loss.


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Smolarek Dental Care's Preventative Mission:

While the value of dental implants is substantial - from adjacent teeth preservation to numerous rejuvenating elements - Dr. Smolarek would rather prevent disease and avoid the need for implants. Too many people are consistently unhealthy because periodontal disease is never fully controlled. There is no way to entirely end its assault but ongoing management and persistent therapies will deter its damaging effects. 

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Overall & Oral Health: Averting Serious Consequences

Perpetual oral health problems have been connected to other health issues.  While direct links in some areas are still being determined, numerous studies provide insight into serious potential problems. For example, a NIH news release updated in 2008 offered this caveat: older adults who have higher proportions of four periodontal-disease-causing bacteria inhabiting their mouths also tend to have thicker carotid arteries, a strong predictor of stroke and heart attack. 

More worrisome, dental health data also presented by the NIH showed that 38 percent of the 1,347 men in a 2009 study (averaging 75 years of age) had severe periodontitis. What makes this a dramatic statistic is that the men were highly educated, largely in good to excellent health, most visited the dentist annually, and 37 percent never smoked. Interestingly that low level of smoking should have meant less chronic periodontitis, but the researchers noted a 'surprisingly high proportion' of the men had some form of gum disease.

That means the incidence of gum disease in the general population, especially those middle-aged and older, is even more pronounced. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. It is said that 3 out every 4 (75%) adults over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease and some do not realize it.

Of course, gum disease is present and doing its damage for many years before this 'retirement age' has had its tooth tariff excised. With the potential for your health going backward increasing every day you wait and more specifically tooth loss, it makes sense to take a step forward as soon as possible.... maybe even TODAY!

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Dr. Scott Smolarek provides our patients with comprehensive oral health strategies to make these periodontal disease and tooth loss statistics irrelevant for our patients. And when needed, he is able to rejuvenate oral function and boost smile confidence with dental implants.               

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