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Smolarek Dental Care focuses on your goals. Cosmetic dentistry is actually advanced dentistry. Natural looking results are healthy results. While the look of cosmetic dentistry is superficial, everything we do is done right, it's healthy, it lasts, it looks and feels great!

While the healthy always takes priority, we are ready with the expertise and experience to achieve all your smile goals, including beautiful, confident totally rewarding results. We offer a variety of cosmetic services, offering both selection and quality solutions to the concerns you have about your smile.

End embarrassment. Quit covering. Forget worrying.
Start smiling more. Begin liking mirrors. Commence renewing YOU!
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Cosmetic Dentistry solutions at Smolarek Dental Care include:

Smile Makeover Veneers: Make possible what some call 'Instant Orthodontics' because of the ability to straighten the look of a tooth. Veneers are a thin layer of material, often porcelain, that is placed over the surface of your teeth to improve the look of your smile. Veneers can be applied to one"problem tooth" or to your whole smile. Severely stained, misshaped, smile gaps and short, stubby teeth can all be transformed with this advanced, lifelike dental procedure. Placed correctly, veneers last a long time.

Cosmetic Bonding/Tooth Contouring: composite bonding is a cost effective method for closing gaps in your smile, whitening teeth and repairing broken or chipped teeth. It is the same resin used for today's 'white' fillings. While porcelain veneers are stronger overall, and might be the best recommendation in your situation - bonding can be a substitute and last many years.

Full Mouth Restorative Dentistry & Smile Makeovers: from implants and Invisalign to veneers and whitening, Dr. Scott Smolarek will develop the best plan for you to create the smile you want and/or return your smile to youthful vitality.

Lumineers: Ultra-thin cousins to veneers, Lumineers uses a patented technology to design digitally accurate molds for your teeth, often in only two visits. Lumineers also make 'Instant Orthodontics' possible. Snap-on Smiles® -- Invented by a dentist, Snap-on Smile is like a veneer, but can be snapped into place and removed! You can wear it all day; you just remove it when you sleep.

Invisalign: "The Clear Alternative to Braces" uses a series of clear, removable alig`ners to treat misaligned teeth as prescribed by our dentists. The aligners are made of virtually-invisible material, and are custom-made specifically for your teeth. Learn More About Invisalign 'Braces'.

Opalescence Whitening: a form of teeth whitening that comes in many forms and strengths. When your teeth lose their luster from drinks such as coffee or soda, or even just with time, Opalescence whitening can be a solution for you.

Whatever will help you get the simile you want, Smolarek Dental Care will do all it can to deliver.

Our Team is ready to Help!

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